Tom's Wholesale Distribution
Industrieweg 14
1231 KH Nieuw Loosdrecht
The Netherlands

T +31 (0)35 697 5046

Tom's Wholesale Distribution
Industrieweg 14
1231 KH Nieuw Loosdrecht
The Netherlands

T +31 (0)35 697 5046

cheers we are online atrip

Cheers Atrip Apparel is online!

cheers we are online atrip

Atrip Apparel is one of our brand new outerwear brands and the Winter 2016/2017 Collection just got launched!

Atrip is a rider driven brand for badass people in search of apparel that supports their special interests. With apparel that looks as great in the streets as it is functional in the snow, don’t be afraid to join our #specialinterestclub.

Now go check the Atrip Apparel collection!

In the BeNeLux Atrip Apparel will hit the following stores:
Revert 95
Stoked Boardshop

Merken website

New brands

At Tom’s Wholesale we are always looking to add the best brands to our Distribution. We have a couple new brands we would like to present to you.


In the fashion industry we have this awesome new brands click on the logo’s for more information:

cheapo_logo_a1    element    logo20perc      Thrills



We are proud to present that we are the official distributor for this awesome wakeboard brand:

Double Up Wakeboards!! Click on the picture for more information

DUP logo small



To stay warm and to look good in the snow we have two new brands: Atrip and Horsefeathers, for more information about the brands click on the logo’s

atrip logo Horsefeathers logo low res


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Unlock New Camera Possibilities with February Firmware Update

Next month GoPro will release some awesome new updates for the HERO4 Black and HERO4 Silver that will amp the camera’s performance, capabilities and convenience even higher. Stay tuned to this News page for details on when the new firmware is available, but in the mean time, here’s a sneak peek at what features the updates will unlock:

HERO4 Black and HERO4 Silver
Time lapse video mode – Capture Time Lapse videos automatically—no post-production needed. Showcase a sunrise, road trip or family gathering as a short, sharable video.
30/6 burst photo – Introducing a new way to never miss a moment. Capture 30 photos in 6 seconds—perfect for longer duration fast-action activities like surfing and snowboarding.
Auto rotate – Automatically adjusts capture orientation to right-side up when the camera is mounted upside down.

HERO4 Black
720p240 fps video – Record ultra high frame rate video at a staggering 240 frames per second for liquid smooth slow-motion playback
2.7K60 fps video – Capture cinematic, high-resolution 2.7K footage at an impressive 60 frames per second

HERO4 Silver
Add HiLight Tags during playback – Now you can mark key moments both while recording video and playing back content on the built-in touch display to quickly find highlights for easy editing and sharing.



GoPro Accessory Compatibility Chart

For those who haven’t seen the new 2014 GoPro catolog with the accessory compatibility chart yet, we now have an online Accessory Compatibility Chart available. This chart offers a clear overview of the accessory compatibility with the GoPro cameras and possible requirements. This overview only applies to the HERO4 Black & Silver, the HERO3+ Silver, the HERO3 White and the new HERO camera. Perfect for a quick lookup or as a plain summery of the available accessories.

Click here to download the GoPro Compatibility Chart in pdf


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