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Industrieweg 14
1231 KH Nieuw Loosdrecht
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T +31 (0)35 697 5046

Tom's Wholesale Distribution
Industrieweg 14
1231 KH Nieuw Loosdrecht
The Netherlands

T +31 (0)35 697 5046

klein app scopic

Scopic launched 360video app!

Scopic is the first creative Surround Video Production Company based in Amsterdam, specialising in productions of the highest end 360° video for online, smartphone/tablet, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.
Our friends at Scopic just launched their first Scopic app!

These guys bring you the future of video. The 360 degrees videos Scopic creates are shot 100% with six GoPro cameras and are truly a whole new experience!

Check out the free Scopic app and enjoy there 360videos anywhere, anytime.

klein app scopic


GoPro ambassador Tommy Swaan Rocks South Africa!

Lets start this week with some wakeboard footage from our boy and GoPro ambassador Tommy Swaan! Last winter Tommy went to South Africa and he clearly lives his life to the fullest! Wakeboarding, swimming with sharks, playing with monkeys(and girls) and don’t forget the sick mini bike riding! Nothing scares him when he teams up with his buddy Rocco van Straaten!

Have a nice week!

Foto railbattle filmpje sam

Video Liquid Force Railbattle, powered by GoPro

We don’t want you to miss the aftermovie of the sickest wakeboard event of the year!
So this is what went down the 13th of September at Burnside Cablepark


New GoPro HERO4: The Adventure of Life in 4K

We at TOM’s Wholesale are more than proud to present to you: the new GoPro HERO4!!!

Once again GoPro blasts away all other P.O.V. cameras with the new GoPro HERO4.
The HERO4 features ultra high resolution quality of 4K at 30 frames per second + high frames rates at 1080p120. Incredible low light capabilities, including the new nightlapse setting. 2X the high fidelity sound. Faster processing. Protune settings that unlock manual control of many of your GoPro’s features, and so much more. Learn more and be inspired by the most advanced GoPro cameras yet:

It’s your life. BE A HERO.

daan at lakeside

Teamriders visit Lakeside Paradise

Two weeks ago our teamriders went to Lakeside Paradise in Belgium.
Lakeside Paradise is one of the best Wakeparks in the BeNeLux and that is the reason why Tom’s Wholesale is supporting this locaton with the Silas Thurman signature rail a.k.a. #goprowakepool made by Unit Parktech.

This waketrip was all about enjoying the sport with friends, on and of the water!
Going home without shooting a sick video was not an option..!

sjors @ redbull rising high

Tom’s teamriders at Redbull Rising High!

Last weekend Liquid Force teamriders Sjors van de Kerkhof and Dirk Gideonse competed at the qualification event for the Redbull Rising High. Both made it to the semi finals, but most of all they had a lot of fun! They had some sick hits on this monster of a kicker and of course they could not leave without some nice GoPro footage!
Check out this sweet little edit they made!

360 video bril

360 video? GoPro does it all!

We all know that the GoPro cameras are small little wonders! Who doesn’t own one these days?!
Imagine what you can do with six of these sick action cams.. 360 video gives you the opportunity to experience the action while you’re in the comfort of your own lazy couch! Check out this video and don’t forget to play around with your cursor! As seen on the picture you can also watch these videos with the spacy Oculus Rift glasses. This way you can really ‘take a look around’ while you are watching the video!

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